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On today's vehicles, alternators and starters are designed to last the life of the vehicle, however, all the electrical demands on today's vehicles can take a toll on the starting and charging system.  Starters and alternators can fail prematurely. You may not have to pay big bucks for a new alternator starter. At Southwest Truck & Auto we can repair your original starter alternator with quality OEM parts to get it back to the way it was originally. You will save a lot of money over buying a new one. 


Southwest Truck & Auto can rebuild your vintage antique starter generator with care to ensure its original look and function will not be compromised.


We can take your original, late model or vintage generator or starter and rebuild them back to original factory standards. We can custom build high output replacement alternators, build chrome alternators and starters - whatever the project is, we can help.

We guarantee our repairs.

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